Invest in NILs

The NILLY investment strategy (the "Investment") aims to generate investment returns by investing in pools of NIL rights from amateur athletes. NILLY offers a non-recourse, upfront cash license payment to student-athletes who have the potential to earn NIL income in college and beyond.


Find Your Strategy

Find a strategy on the NILLY Marketplace you like.


Make Your Investment

Create your investor account and decide how much you want to invest – as little as $5,000.


Participate in NIL Earnings

Your investment allows NILLY to make upfront License Fee payments to secure NIL rights from student-athletes. You participate as their NIL rights generate earnings over time.

NILLY will use funds to secure NIL rights of athletes within your chosen strategy.

All athletes receiving a license payment are of qualifying criteria as underwritten by NILLY.

An in-depth analysis of the player’s NIL potential by the NILLY Investment Committee, which includes NILLY co-founder Kendrick Perkins, using information that includes:

  • Historical information about similar athletes
  • Third-party industry data providers including On3, 247, Rivals and Opendorse

Example NILLY Investment Pool

  • Investors invest in pools by strategy (school/sport/gender-specific).
  • NILLY invests that money in NIL rights from enrolled and committed student-athletes.
  • Student-athletes receive an upfront NIL License Payment from NILLY.
  • NILLY will earn NIL revenue with those rights and share it with investors and student-athletes.
  • NILLY investment pools are entitled to up to a 25% net shared NIL revenue earned by the student-athletes
  • Investors earn this return as long as student-athletes earn NIL income (in college and beyond), up to seven (7) years, or until they have earned 2.5x their initial investment (whichever comes first)

A Hypothetical Example with Numbers (for illustration only):

Calculate returns for your chosen strategy!
  • Upfront license payment to student-athlete = $95,000
  • Lifetime NIL earnings by student-athlete = $520,000
  • NILLY share of NIL earnings (assuming four years earnings) = 25% x $520,000 = $130,000
  • Investors could receive a multiple of investment = $130,000/$95,000 = 1.37x
  • With the assumed timing of payments, investors could earn a 12% IRR Target Return

This example is hypothetical and does not represent actual funds invested, only to show an illustration of how these funds may be represented.

Athlete Contract Details

  • NILLY signs exclusive agreements with student-athletes for the use of their Name, Image and Likeness (NIL) rights, in return for an upfront payment or licensing fee to the student-athlete, meaning NILLY owns 100% of each student-athlete's NIL rights. NILLY will do its part in supporting each student-athlete's NIL earning capacity, supported by relationships with sponsors and collectives and NILLY co-founder Kendrick Perkins.
  • Contractually, NILLY directs 75-100% of all NIL income earned by the student-athlete to the athlete. The variation stems from NILLY working with collectives and sponsors to “gross up” their NIL payments.

Risks include, but are not limited to:

  • NILLY Investors assume the risk of the student-athlete failing to earn NIL income.
  • Potential risks leading to decreased NIL earnings include injury, lack of playing time, poor performance, legal trouble and quitting, among others potential risks.
  • NILs and NILLY are new and unproven. Things may not work out as anticipated for unknown reasons.
  • See the PPM for a more detailed description of risks.

Ready to invest?

Here’s what comes next:


Create your account

Provide your contact information and verify your identity


Execute your investment

Sign your investor docs and provide your banking details


Confirm your accreditation

Verify your financial details and accredited investor status


Where does my money go?

Investments, net of fees, go to purchase NIL rights from student-athletes. The NILLY Investment Committee reviews all student-athletes interested in an NIL license payment and approves those with sufficient NIL earning potential.

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